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Neli Pantsulaia (b.1993) is a Georgian composer and performance artist raised in Moscow and Tbilisi. She completed a master’s degree in music composition from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen (2020), under Niels Rosing-Schow, Jeppe Just Christensen, and Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg.

In her music, Neli Pantsulaia works cross-genre and emphasizes a dramaturgy-based narrative by using different kinds of art forms. Following her studies in electronic composition at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, she received a BA in Music Technology (2017) from the Tbilisi State Conservatoire.

Her music has been performed in Georgia, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. 

Neli is a member of the multidisciplinary duo Shattered Objects and is co-founder, co-director, and performer along with composer Sophia Sagaradze. They explore politically charged aspects of cultural identity through their performances. As they combine experimental aesthetics and new music, they transform pop-cultural perspectives within the context of their socioculturally complex backgrounds.

In 2022, Neli Pantsulaia co-founded and has been actively involved since then in the artist-led and BIPoC-driven independent Copenhagen-based radio "Fragment" which is an event platform, working towards cultivating production space predominantly for QTBIPoC.